Experience the Web without Virtual Borders
UnoTelly unlocks TV, film & music not available in your current location.
Countless Channels to Love
Our catalogue is one of the largest around and grows everyday. Why settle for less when you can have more with UnoTelly?
With 250+ channels, you’re bound to discover something new to watch and enjoy.
Extensive Device and Platform Compatibility
UnoTelly works on any PC/Mac/Linux, media streaming device, game console and mobile device.
If you have it, we probably support it!
Unlimited Access and Bandwidth

Whether you have one or one hundred, there is no limit on how many devices you can use with UnoTelly.

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Customize your Favorite Channel
We make it easy to tailor your favorite channel to fit everyone's tastes.

Your fancy

US Netflix

Your family prefers

UK Netflix

And your dog digs

Canadian Netflix

Now you can stream from up to three regions at the same time using UnoTelly Dynamo.
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We care about your Experience
From the very first moment you experience UnoTelly, our friendly and dedicated support team are here to help you every step of the way.
  • 24/7 On-Demand Support
  • Helpful advice and easy instructions
  • 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate
Your satisfication is our number one priority!
Blazing Speed with DirectConnect

We connect you straight to the source which means no middleman to slow down your connection.

Now you can spend more time watching and less time buffering!

Global Presence, Local Access
When it's TV time, UnoTelly covers you on every continent.
Our 30+ UnoDNS servers are geographically distributed across the world to maximize your speed and stability.
No matter where you are, you will find a local UnoDNS server near you.
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Pricing Plans
100% Moneyback Guarantee. No Contract.



100% Unlimited UnoDNS Access
Over 250+ channels unlocked globally
30+ fast DNS Servers.
24/7 Live Support
7-days Moneyback Guarantee



Everything on Premium Package PLUS
UnoVPN with PPTP and OpenVPN Protocol
US, UK, Canada, Netherlands VPN servers
Secured Servers to prevent snooping and to protect your identity

What a great DNS service!


Thanks Davied. That worked! You rock!


I have also asked to cancel the extra account on your system can you please check to ensure I still have one active account as I love the service you provide


Shout out to the @unotelly guys: Thanks for the great service #UnoTelly


@unotelly The best way to use AppleTV outside the US! Awesome service! #UnoTelly


Thank you so much.. I was was a bit leery signing up for the service but am so impressed with the service and you customer service... You guys rock!


Check this our, using Unotelly, you can access Netflix from SA. If you have Apple TV, you should definitely look into this.

Ross Goodall

@unotelly #UnoTelly great way to watch online netflix... yep, Logan approved!


@unotelly Thank you! I can finaly use Streaming Sites! You can't do shit if you live in austria... #UnoTelly


Hello Jonathan, Go home and visit the best bar in Toronto and send the bill to me (only one pint though, I'm Scottish!), Excellent work. Regards, Graham

Graham Clark

@unotelly Still Rocking Spotify – thank you for the great service.


Thanks for the great service!


@unotelly better than ever with the cool UnoHelper App. Start and stop with just one click. ;))


@elizabethbowden lol the way Netflix canada runs could be awhile or ..get a service like @unotelly and watch now


UnoTelly is pretty awesome!


You guys are still the best!

Robert MacCara

@unotelly What a great service for those of us who can’t access some things because of our geographic regions..I’m enjoying Netflix USA!


I love you guys!!!

David Kirenga

@unotelly is the best smart DNS service i've used. and i've tested almost all out there.


Thanks for the very quick response! this is perfect!


Thanks for a fantastic service!


I am very satisfied with Your service in general. Much better than HMA VPN.


Hi Just wanted to leave some feedback for you. We are in Cyprus and have just subscribed to UnoTelly so that we can watch British TV on demand. We were having problems wi...

Sue Fry

Great service!!!!


Hello, I have used the service by adding the DNS setting to my Panasonic smart TV. It works great. I did buy the 1 year of service


@unotelly ftw!!#UnoTelly


@unotelly Great experience just got it yesterday and it work perfect


You guys are really great. I’ve dealt with the team many times over the past few years. Always helpful. In contrast, I just called Comcast to try and get info on my pro...

"Ian Taylor"

@UnoTelly Awesome service, reporting from, Colombia, South America, high speed and uninterrupted connection. Cheers


Whoop, I finally was able to pay! I hope I remember how I did it next time when time comes to renew! Thanks again for the excellent customer service.