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Our UnoDNS Servers

Server City Server Country Server IP Dynamo Enabled Distance from you
Mexico Mexico Non-dynamo 1270km
Virginia United States of America Dynamo 1760km
Toronto Canada Dynamo 2112km
LA United States of America Non-dynamo 2189km
Costa Rica Costa Rica Non-dynamo 2502km
California United States of America Dynamo 2573km
Montreal Canada Dynamo 2600km
Seattle United States of America Dynamo 3032km
Ireland Ireland Dynamo 7262km
London United Kingdom Non-dynamo 7822km
Sao Paulo Brazil Dynamo 7890km
Paris France Non-dynamo 8105km
Stockholm Sweden Dynamo 8106km
Stockholm Sweden Dynamo 8408km
Frankfurt Germany Dynamo 8444km
Milan Italy Dynamo 9129km
Tokyo Japan Dynamo 10724km
Turkey Turkey Non-dynamo 10821km
Tel Aviv Israel Dynamo 11380km
Egypt Egypt Dynamo 11506km
Auckland New Zealand Dynamo 12143km
Brisbane Australia Dynamo 13415km
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dynamo 13418km
Sydney EC2 Australia Dynamo 13796km
Sydney Australia Dynamo 13796km
Sydney Australia Dynamo 13819km
Cape Town South Africa Dynamo 13870km
Kolkata India Dynamo 14432km
Melbourne Australia Dynamo 14442km
Johannesburg South Africa Dynamo 14519km
Singapore Singapore Dynamo 15990km
Perth Australia Dynamo 17015km