What is UnoTelly?

UnoTelly provides VPN and DNS services to allow people to browse the internet and access websites and services while protecting their privacy.

Will my information be kept private and confidential?

We keep a minimum amount of logs to satisfy the jurisdictional requirements of our VPN server.
We do not actively log anything else or store any logs.

UnoTelly only logs the following information:

  1. Your log in time
  2. Your log out time
  3. The amount of bandwidth used

Once connected to the VPN, all your traffic goes through a shared IP, so we cannot and do not track the sites you visit.

How does UnoTelly work?

UnoTelly offers both a Domain Name Server (DNS) service called UnoDNS, and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) called UnoVPN.

What is UnoDNS?

Every website has a Domain Name (www.example.com) and an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

A website is like a home

A domain name is like a home address

An IP Address is like a home phone number.

When you type in a website's domain name into your web browser, your computer finds the matching IP address to locate a website. A DNS (domain name system) server acts like a telephone directory that your computer uses to search for a website's matching phone number.

Like websites, every internet-connected device has an assigned IP address that belongs to a particular area. UnoTelly provides you with an alternate IP address for approved sites and services to protect your privacy.

UnoTelly is transparently creating a network tunnel from your location to our servers. Any data not directly related to our approved sites and services is untouched by UnoTelly and is forwarded directly to the Root Name Servers.

What is UnoVPN?

A VPN is a remote network of computers linked together over the internet. It allows for a secure browsing experience because it encrypts all of your data as it goes through a private network.

What's the difference between UnoDNS and UnoVPN?

UnoDNS and UnoVPN are different because UnoDNS is only activated when you are trying to access websites that look for your location and other information.

UnoVPN is on all the time so all of your internet traffic will be going through this network. UnoVPN is designed for users who frequently travel or access our service under networks that block DNS services (ISP with transparent proxies, hotels, wifi hotspots).

UnoDNS is preferred when accessing our approved sites and services since it will provide a much faster connection compared to UnoVPN.

Where can I use UnoTelly?

UnoTelly has several server clusters all over the world. To ensure that you receive the maximum benefit, please see our list of UnoDNS Servers to get the DNS addresses of the servers that are closest to your location.
However, There are a few conditions that might prevent you from using UnoDNS:

  1. If your Internet Service Provider does DNS filtering/censoring (Perform a Free Open DNS test to check this)
  2. If your network is restricted such as in a hotel
  3. If you are using 3G/4G network
  4. If you are using Public Wi-Fi
  5. if you are using Satellite Internet. (This works for some people, but not for most.)
You can perform an Open DNS test to verify if our UnoDNS services will work for you or you can sign up for a free trial and try it out!

How do I purchase UnoTelly?

You can try UnoTelly for free for 8 days by signing up for an account. Then, you can choose between our Premium Package ($4.95/month) and our Gold Package ($7.95/month). The only difference is that the Gold Package includes UnoVPN for encrypted browsing on 3G networks.

You can also use UnoVPN to access any websites and services not yet approved by UnoDNS.

You can purchase UnoTelly by visiting Plans and clicking on the type of package you want, and the length of service you will be paying for.

Can I give UnoTelly as a gift?

Yes! Just open a new ticket with our support team and let us know you would like a code for a gift card.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept many payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and various local providers through Paymentwall.

What devices do you support? And how do I set it up?

We support a huge range of devices from PC, Mac, Linux, smartphones, game consoles and tablets! If you have it, we probably support it!
To see the full list of devices we support, and detailed instructions on how to set up UnoTelly, please visit Devices.

Can I use one subscription on multiple devices?

Yes! You can run as as many devices as you want with the UnoDNS, provided they are all under the same network when you are using them.
Refer to our setup guide and choose your device for UnoDNS setup: How to set up UnoDNS

You can set UnoDNS on each device individually, or do it once from the router. Best of all, you can access UnoDNS wherever you go; at work, at school or at vacation. Simply login to your account and UnoDNS will automatically authenticate your access.

You can run as as many device as you want with the UnoDNS, provided they are all under the same network when you are using them.

Does using UnoTelly increase my bandwidth usage?

UnoTelly simply protects your privacy without adding additional bulk.

Why do I keep getting redirected to Quickstart?

You are being redirected to UnoTelly because your network devices have UnoDNS servers setup, and one or more of the following is true:

  1. Your IP address was recently changed but not updated in our system. To solve this issue, please go to Quickstart and click on Update IP.
  2. Your Premium/Gold Subscription has expired: Please Renew your subscription to continue using UnoDNS.

If you do not wish to continue using UnoTelly services, please remove UnoTelly's DNS addresses from your network devices.

Instructions for removing UnoDNS are available at Remove UnoDNS from your Devices

How do I change credit card details?

You can follow the instructions for changing credit card details by visiting How do I add or modify credit card details?

How do I contact support?

Please visit Support and open a new ticket. Our support team will get back to you before you know it!

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days of purchase. Simply e-mail us at [email protected] or open a ticket via the Client Portal and let us know you no longer wish to enjoy UnoTelly.
Or you can cancel your subscription following the instructions on this page: How do I cancel my subscription or turn off auto-renewal?

How do I uninstall UnoTelly?

You can find detailed instructions on removing UnoTelly from various devices here: How to remove UnoTelly