Freedom. Security. Flexibility.

We protect your right to privacy.

* UnoTelly should only be used for privacy protection purpose only. Any other usage is not permitted *

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Parental Control

Are you a parent? Control access to websites within seconds by using our Parental Control feature. No need to download or install special software, it’s built right into UnoDNS®.

Block Ads and Malware

Websites and apps are constantly bombarding you with advertisements and malware. Stop them with our intuitive UnoProtector®. It doesn’t stop with your browser, UnoProtector® works on any device including Android and iOS. Seamless protection without the complicated configuration.

Privacy Protection

Do you know what data you might reveal online? Websites and applications can track your viewing habits, your device, and more. Protect your privacy and block unwanted spam with UnoTelly®.

Avoid DNS Hijacking and DNS Poisoning

Have you ever misspelled a domain name, only to be redirected to your ISP’s website and bombarded with spammy ads? That’s a nasty little trick called DNS poisoning, and we aren’t having any of that here!

UnoTelly® replaces spam and ad pages with the old-fashioned "Browser Cannot Find the Page" message. Relax knowing that your browsing is safe and secure, entirely in your control, and with your sensitive data far from prying eyes.

Secure VPN Servers

Travelling? In a hotel? Using a public Wifi Hotspot? No problem - protect your online security and privacy with UnoVPN®. Secured VPN servers worldwide with PPTP and OpenVPN protocols help keep prying eyes from seeing your activity online.

Protect Yourself From ISP Spying

ISPs can use your DNS request to track your viewing habits, insert targeted ads, or even throttle your connection. Protect your privacy and avoid throttling by sending your DNS requests to UnoTelly® instead of your ISP.